Friday, 6 April 2012

easter crafting

Step 1: gather crafty materials: glue, glitter, pens, crayons, scissors, cotton bud tips, paint (acrylic, water, fingerpaint), paint brushes, containers.... basically any craft materials you can find from around the house.

Step 2: gather around a table for little ones.

Step 3: they will do the rest!

There was a plan to blow our eggs and experiment with natural dyes however, common sense prevailed and I boiled our eggs so little hands could manage the weight of the eggs and draw, paint and colour without any breakages.  For instant results I found the oil pastels worked really well on the egg shells.  These pastels work well for those who have short attention spans. 

I found the paper egg shape templates on 'bing' using the search box.  There were plenty of easter images to choose from.  I chose a plain template so my little flutterbug and flutterby could create their own designs and use their own imagination.  I printed the template on plain paper, glued them onto old manilla folders and cut them out so they were ready to be decorated.   

I also invited our beautiful friend 'B' over because its nice to have someone to share in the fun but also 'B' can handle the mess. 

At the moment our creations are drying in the sun.  Tomorrow we will be decorating our tree.

Happy Easter crafting!


  1. So much fun to have. I am sure the Easter Bunny will look forward to coming to your house. Happy Easter

  2. I'm coming to your house... that looks like fun



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