Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Goodbye 2013...

Hello dear friends,
This holiday season I have been living in parallel worlds.  One world is where motherhood requires little ones to be engaged and making the most of our time together as a family.  The other is spending time with our beautiful friend, Cobie.  Each day we get to spend with her is a blessing; each moment is truly precious.  Cobie is so amazing and brave and despite everything, she always smiles, she never complains and she never gives up.  
I really hope you can understand why I have been absent these last few months.  I do miss this space and even though I have taken a lot of photos to share with you there’s another part of my life that is taking priority.  Thank you for taking the time each day to visit in 2013.  And yes…I am planning to be back here in 2014.
It’s no secret that we are hoping and praying for a miracle in 2014.  What do you hope for in 2014?
Much love to you and your family. 

Friday, 6 December 2013

my how they grow...

Today was our Day Care Christmas party.  It always gets me thinking about how much these little ones have grown.  It's a bit sad that this is the last time they will be together for a while in the one place.  Master flutterbug is starting Prep next year.  Although Miss flutterby is only three she is starting Kindy with another organisation and baby flutterbug is staying put for now but moving up to the 'big kids' room - the toddler room. 

braving Santa on his own!
Christmas craft ...
A brother to look up to...
Miss independent...

I would have liked to taken a photo of all three together however, once Santa arrived Miss flutterby and baby flutterbug cried and cried (that's putting it mildly) as they were scared of the big man in the suit. Suddenly I was juggling kids, cameras and the heat.  Unfortunately the mental note I made in the morning...'have to take a photo of all three', was quickly forgotten. You'd be pleased to know they did recover.  Nothing like air conditioning, a cool drink and morning tea to pacify upset toddlers. 


Tuesday, 3 December 2013

free pattern to try...

Like you, I have a few blogs I love to read.  Anna Maria Horner is one blog I love.  I am definitely saving this free pattern to try over the Christmas holidays for baby flutterbug.  Here's the link to download her free pattern. 

Knick Knack Knickers Free Pattern

Monday, 2 December 2013

52 week of grateful...

Fresh flowers from the Sunday markets.

Wishing you a wonderful start to the week.

Sunday, 1 December 2013

city farmer markets...

This morning we woke early to stroll through the city farmer markets.  There was hot coffee to sip, fresh fruit, fresh eggs and vegies for the week.  What more could a girl ask for? 





P.S. The croissants were delicious.    



Thursday, 28 November 2013


As you know I've been absent from the online world - there's been a lot happening behind the scenes that has kept me away.  My focus at the moment is with my family and friends. 

At least for today there was a reason to smile - master flutterbug graduated from kindergarten! We spend the day visiting an animal sanctuary with his class. 


Of course the playground was the best part!

I am so proud of our little man.  

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Monday, 11 November 2013

52 weeks of grateful: garden harvest

Late yesterday afternoon we picked some of our vegies, baby carrots, kale, beans and herbs to add to our roast dinner last night.  Growing kale is something new for me this year.  It seems fairly pest resistant and its delicious.  This is also the first time growing beans, they didn't last long on our dinner plates.  What's growing in your garden at the moment?

Thursday, 7 November 2013


Hello there.  I did say we were keeping it simple around here these days.  Here are a few snaps from our 'simple' week.

coffee with friends

Playtime in the park.

A visit to the library.

Watching our garden grow.
A new sign to hang.

Yep, 'simple' is working around here. 
Wishing you a lovely end to your week.

Sunday, 3 November 2013


As I've started to connect back into the online world I've realised that I am not the only mama out there 'staying afloat'.  For me, this month, I am just going to do my best to 'keep things simple', such as, flow with the routine, make simple meals, make time for doing what nurtures our creative souls and spend time with family and friends. Actually, 'keep it simple' may well be my mantra for the rest of the year. xo

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Thank you for your patience

Thanks for being patient while I've been absent.  After our lovely holiday by the beach my husband ended up flat on his back for five days on the lounge room floor (all good now), there was a master flutterbug's fifth birthday party celebration to organise, back to school busyness, a weekend away and now baby flutterbug's teeth are making a grand entrance - so we've had a few sleepless nights, a trip to the doctors, a few days off work etc. and generally lots of hugs and kisses are being given out to soothe a little boy's aches and pains. 
I hope to be back here soon.

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

holiday break...poolside

It was great to enjoy some 'down time' by the pool this holiday break. 
The pool area was so spacious, relaxing and family friendly. There were plenty of areas for the kids just to enjoy their surroundings. 
There was also time to check out how the gardens were doing. We also had to locate all the hoses and watering system features! 
All the garden maintenance and swimming wore baby flutterbug out.

Of course we couldn't leave without a final swim all together. 

Wishing you happy spring days ahead.

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

hello october...

Is it October already! Where is the year going?  
In October I have to say this is the month of calm, its almost surreal.  Yes, we know what lies ahead; birthdays, spring cleaning and returning to the busyness of work, social gatherings and functions.  But before it gets too crazy in the months ahead, in October we move to a new rhythm that flows with the beautiful weather we are experiencing at the moment.  We are making the most of the early mornings and the cool evenings.  We are spending time working and playing in the garden/yard and finding the joy and peace that comes with being outside and being together. 

What do you enjoy most about October?

Monday, 30 September 2013

52 weeks of grateful...holiday break: Noosa Beach

If you ever come to Queensland and visit the Sunshine Coast a must see destination is Noosa.  We spent a few afternoons here at Noosa Beach. 

Baby flutterbug enjoyed finding abandoned toys and bringing them over to us...Oops. 

Mostly they just enjoyed running in and out of the water.  

Of course you have to make time to have an ice cream. 

Yep, we love the beach!


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