Sunday, 18 August 2013 our garden

The change in weather is prompting some new growth in our little vegie garden which is providing a renewed interest by everyone.  So far our baby kale is doing well.  This variety is supposed to be suitable for salads.  I am looking forward to trying it. 
Most of our sugar loaf were attacked by slugs.  This one (below) is a late bloomer and I am hoping the bugs stay away with the warmer weather.

 I haven't grown mint in this garden bed before but it it's anything like our last lot it will thrive.
Our basil looks healthy. It has always thrived in this garden bed and we look forward to adding it to our meals throughout the spring and summer months. 
We still have some lemons on our tree.  I am about to pick the last lot then the tree needs a trim and a good feed as it's looking a bit sad.

Now that the weather is a little warmer I picked up some packet flower seeds and plan to sprinkle them in a different garden bed this afternoon and we'll see what pops up in a few weeks. 
How is your garden at the moment? 

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