Wednesday, 11 April 2012

inside & outside

These last few days the season has brought a new cool change.  This cooler weather has prompted new rhythms to our household.  There is much to draw us inside and outside and we are loving it. 

We are:
  • sleeping in a bit longer
  • wearing warmer clothes
  • snuggling under blankets on the couch
  • putting off chores until we are a little more awake
  • doing quiet indoor activities (puzzles, blocks, drawing, browsing the internet, researching, reading, sorting, decluttering...)  
  • planning our winter garden
  • venturing into the backyard earlier in the afternoon
  • weeding and tending
  • putting extra blankets on our beds
  • going to bed a bit earlier

discovering ants!

    picking herbs - thyme
    planning - new vegies and herbs
 What have you been up to?

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