Monday, 13 July 2015

back to school: banana and vanilla breakfast shake...

Three tiny cups for three tiny kids.  As we rush out the door today and face the reality of being 'back to school' I thought you might like this quick breakfast shake recipe. This shake is a creamy and filling addition to be paired with a wholesome breakfast for kids and or busy mamas.


1 tablespoon vanilla yoghurt
2 tablespoons traditional oats
1 large, ripe banana, peeled and chopped
2 cups of cold milk* (choose your milk e.g. almond, rice etc.).
drizzle of pure vanilla extract

1. Blend all ingredients until smooth.
2. Pour into chilled glasses/cups.

This recipe made three small cups and there was enough left over for me.
* Adjust the amount of milk you use to the consistency that you prefer. 

Sunday, 12 July 2015

sunday morning...


I am just loving this new recipe I tried this morning. 

dense multi-seeded bread
3/4 avocado
3 truss tomatoes, sliced
1-2 marinated artichoke sliced finely
fresh parsley from the edible garden
salt and pepper to taste

The recipe is from Jessica Cox (a favourite of mine).  I made toast topper, number 9.
She recommends to also make a smoothie.  You could always use the other half of your avocado for a super smoothie.

Friday, 10 July 2015

garden therapy...

Our small organic garden is adapting to the changes with the cooler weather.  Even though our pickings are small, time spent in the sunshine always makes us feel better.  This week we planted radishes. 

Our tomatoes are still doing so well.  I can't say I've had the chance to pick many myself as my three little ones enjoy collecting these rosy gems. 

Finally, my pot of mixed herbs seem to be doing well.  I added in some curly parsley the other day.  In this pot I have thai basil, flat parsley, oregano and curly parsley.  The orange shavings you see is the pulp from my carrot juice recipe.  I added this pulp straight onto the soil - most of it has already broken down. 
When I created this pot it was just an excuse to potter around one weekend.  I recycled an old terracotta pot that we had, re-filled it with soil and stuck in some pretty ordinary herbs off the cheap sale rack (you know the one's you think that probably won't survive).  All in all, I think it's doing okay for this time of year. 

What are you doing in the garden this weekend?  

Thursday, 9 July 2015

10 tips for visiting zoos with kids in Australia

This is not a sponsored post.
Before you leave...

 1. Look up the zoo website for a map of the area so you know what to expect.  Some zoos are large and spread out.  Some zoos also have shuttle buses and or trains but many in many zoos you have to walk.  This can be a long way for little ones so decide if you are going to use a pram or stroller.  Some zoos let you hire strollers or bicycles for a fee so it is worthwhile checking the website. 

2. Travel light.  Take essential items only.  Try to be as hands free as possible.  A light back pack or a bag to cross over your shoulder is handy.  Also, some zoos have lockers you can hire for the day but you will have to check their website. 

3. Check the weather.  In Australia, you should always wear a hat, sunscreen and can check your local weather app.  We always carry a small bottle of 30+ sunscreen in our carry bag/backback.   You can never underestimate the harshness of the Australian sun -  even on overcast days. 

During the visit...

4.  Buy the animal food.  They usually sell animal food (e.g. dry pellets) at the entrance gate.  Zoos usually charge a few dollars but it is worth the extra cost because the kids will feeding the animals.  A small hand sanitiser is always good to have in your bag. 
5. Take a map of the zoo and take note of the sessions times.  Plan your route to save time  finding your way around the zoo.  It is also worthwhile to locate the toilets. 
6. Take your mobile device - need I say more. 

 7. Drink plenty of water.  Keeping well hydrated is very important while doing all that walking. 

8. Remember to take a break and have something to eat. 

9. Enjoy the animals.

10. Supervise your kids feeding the animals.  Some zoos have keepers supervising and some do not. 

After the zoo visit...

Have a rest.  Your job is done!

Thanks Darling Downs Zoo for a great day!

Here are some quick links to our other zoo experiences: Australia Zoo Part 1; Australia Zoo Part 2; Cairns Tropical Zoo; Kuranda Butterfly Sanctuary.

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Choc-Chai Coconut Slice

Here's a recipe I've developed that will fill up the little one's while being healthy at the same time.  This recipe would make a great morning tea or afternoon snack.  You could also add this to your lunchbox as it has no nuts!  You might have to omit the mint chocolate if chocolate topping is not allowed at your daycare / kindy /school.  Adults will love this slice too. 

Choc-Chai Coconut Slice
12 medjool dates, seeds removed
2 ¼ cups desiccated coconut
1 tablespoon raw cacao powder
2 tablespoons mixed chai seeds
1 tablespoon pea and rice chocolate protein powder 
4 tablespoons coconut cream

Optional Extra - Easy Mint Chocolate Topping
100g Lindt Mint Intense dark chocolate (or just regular milk chocolate would taste just as good)
2 tablespoons coconut cream
Extra coconut for topping
Totally Healthy Method (without mint chocolate topping)
1.       Place all ingredients into your blender or food processor.
2.       Blend until well combined.  Be patient.  You should have a dough-like consistency.
3.       Press the mixture into a loaf tin lined with baking paper.
4.       Place the mixture into the freezer to set, slice and enjoy.

Extra Bit Cheeky Method (with mint chocolate topping)
1.       Complete steps 1 to 3 from ‘Healthy Method’.
2.       Melt mint chocolate and 2 tablespoons of coconut cream.  Stir until smooth. 
3.       Spread or drizzle melted chocolate onto mixture. 
4.       Top with extra coconut. 
5.       Place the mixture into the freezer to set, slice and enjoy. 

I think this one has the seal of approval!

Happy school holiday baking.

Monday, 6 July 2015

kick start your morning...

Here's a recipe I know you'll enjoy.  You can easily adjust the amount of ingredients to suit your tastebuds. 

Happy Monday.


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