Sunday, 27 April 2014

goings on...

Where did the week go?
Here are some snaps of the goings on around here.

Baking biscuits for morning/afternoon tea.  We made three different varieties (ginger, choc chip and vanilla).  I am yet to share the recipe as I am not entirely happy with the dough.


PJ party for three!  These were the new PJs the Easter Bunny delivered.  Light cotton is perfect for this autumn weather at the moment.

Below.  Dressed up and ready for ANZAC Day march.  Unfortunately, I stayed home to recover from a terrible bout of hay fever.

Weekend Dinner and leftovers for lunch: Home-made Minestrone soup from the new Australian Women's Weekly 'Food for Friends' page 8. I served mine with fresh corn on the cob and garlic bread.  Sooooo good. 

Today - a friend's son turned 6.  I know it looks like no one else attended but it's a courtesy thing.  Yes, there were moments of having the jumping castle all to their own little selves!

After an afternoon nap.  It was straight back into the kitchen to organise meals for the week and bake! I put my signed copy of Curtis Stone's 'What's for Dinner?' to the baking test.  His 'oatmeal coconut butter cookies' is a classic Aussie ANZAC biscuit recipe. 
I made a double batch and mixed up the sizes some adult size and some mini (below) for the lunchboxes during the week. 
Well, that was a little bit of the goings on around here.
Here's hoping you have a great week ahead.

Saturday, 19 April 2014

preparing for the easter bunny

For some reason this Easter I have been a bit unorganised (my version of unorganised).  Nevertheless, I have three little ones firmly reminding me that we have to prepare for the Easter Bunny. With little voices trailing behind me we all worked together to make our Easter table.  This afternoon we gathered our baskets and a bit of left over lawn clippings (like I said, unorganised) to make a nice nest for the Easter Bunny. 
 We found and cleaned an old table from home and made room for its place.
Some vintage 'scrap' fabric was sourced from the depths of my sewing room which was the perfect size for the table.
Our old wooden tree was decorated with some foam eggs purchased from the Reject Shop.
Other items were gathered from around the house. We found three little wooden birds and some feathers.    

 I raided Miss Flutterby's room for her bunting I made some years ago.
 We also added some drawings on the wall as a backdrop for the table.  
Well, like I said earlier, I was pretty unorganised however we put this together with just things from around the house.  It doesn't really matter if you have some or none of these things.  The joy was in improvising and making the most of what we had.  The joy was in the process, just being together and anticipating tomorrow.
Here's hoping the Easter Bunny finds you.

easter holidays (2)

Our camping adventure continued for another two days.   
Day 3: pancakes for breakfast wile admiring the beautiful wild birds.

Waiting patiently in the car for our lunch order.  
 Our lunch.
Afternoon: bead making session was a popular activity.  Beads, leather string and box from spotlight (all sold separately).  
Our final visit to the beach.  Sand dune sliding and catching crabs.

Final goodbye to the sand.  
 Day 4: Rise and Shine.  Preparing to leave.

Weekend: Making it back to our home state for their first QLD Roar game.

Ahhh. It's good to be home.

Friday, 18 April 2014

easter holidays (1)...

We've been unplugged and disconnected from the busyness of life.  The last week of school was hectic with Easter parades, Easter egg hunts and dealing with sugar hits the highs and lows that little people exhibit. 

Then we headed for a camping holiday to Ballina. 

Day 1: Travel to destination and set up tent in pouring rain.  Yes, I wasn't very impressed.

Day 2: explore the beach.

Take a drive on the mainland.

Back at our campsite in the afternoon - loving watching my kids and enjoying the light!

See you tomorrow for part 2.


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