Monday, 30 April 2012


In preparation for winter and before our new arrival, we ventured to the shops yesterday. Some casual jumpers, long sleeve shirts, long pants and socks were needed for little flutterbug and flutterby.  I made sure there was plenty of room for growing so I am hoping our purchases will see them through the winter.  I had plans to make more clothes for them to wear during autumn and winter (just for around the house) and even though time seems to be getting away from me, this idea is still lingering in the back of my mind.

This morning it was a welcomed relief to see the sun shining.  Resisting the urge to use the dryer the last few days paid what's a few extra loads every now and then.  Also getting washed are a few baby items, all white of course.  Over the weekend I managed to find some pre-loved wraps and blankets, I don't think this little one will mind being wrapped in his/her brother's or sister's hand me down bunny rugs. 


Our  menu/message board is finally finished! I aimed to reduce our grocery bill this week by using up some ingredients we already had stocked in the fridge/freezer and pantry.  Having time to plan our meals means I don't have to waste time and energy thinking about what we are going to have for dinner every night.  I can also prepare some dishes ahead of dinner time. 

I recycled an old folder to use for organising our menu plans and grocery receipts.  The simple exercise I completed the other day comparing some food items was an eye opener.  Now that I am on leave, it is worth making the time and effort to become more educated and smarter about making some savings on our grocery bills.  I am lucky that I have a choice of three supermarkets, all in close proximity of each other, therefore, I don't consider fuel costs to be a huge issue. 

Yes, this might be taking it a bit too far (below) , but for those who know me, know that I love my computer.  Making the trip to the wholesale fruit and vegie market is worth it.  I compared some of our regular fruit and vegetable purchases and saved $24 dollars!  Multiply that by 52 weeks and....well... there is a huge saving.

Until tomorrow...

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