Thursday, 26 April 2012

simple living

The last few days I have literally had my head stuck in Rhonda Hetzel's book 'down to earth a guide to simple living'.

I'm sure you all know and can appreciate that the title '...a guide to simple living' does not measure the amount of effort that is actually requied to work towards such a lifestyle.  I rose early this morning to undertake some quiet household tasks...folding, sorting, ironing, cleaning, tidying...the list goes on.  It was satisfying to complete these tasks before everyone woke and I found I was far more patient throughout the day knowing that these tasks were out of the way. 

Later in the morning, we went grocery shopping.  Considering Rhonda's suggestions about shopping for food, when we returned, I did a price comparison on some items.  I saved approximately $14 and most of the items were better value in terms of weight. 

It's not rocket science but if I saved even $15 off my grocery bill every week for the entire year, then I have made a significant saving.  I could have also saved more if I made the effort to visit the wholesale fruit and vegie market just out of town. 

Doing this simple exercise renew's my sense of being more conscious and mindful about where, what and how much value I am getting for the hours of my life that I work hard for. 

'think about your money in terms of the hours spent earning it.  when you realise that what you buy cost the hours of your life that you spent earning that money, you will be ready to go to the next level of creating a budget, spending less and planning your financial future' (down to earth a guide to simple living, page 46-47). 


Until tomorrow...

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  1. Beautiful photos mamma you do a great job writing this blog, love reading it..



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