Sunday, 1 April 2012

happy weekending

tunic for day care

baltic amber necklace

Tunic Time
Little flutter­-by is off to day care wearing mama’s hand/home-made Toffee Apple Tunic from ‘Make It Perfect’ by Toni Coward. I have to admit I made this a while ago in preparation for the cooler autumn morning weather when little flutter-by is playing outside at day care. 

I did make a few adjustments to the pattern.  I didn’t include the ruffled collar or the contrasting tie as the pattern suggests.  The main reason I omitted these features was that I could see this little flutter-by pulling on these features because that’s the type of flutter-by she is.  
This particular pattern offers sizing from size 0 to size 5 which is great as I have more opportunities to make this tunic.  As a beginner, I found the instructions and pattern easy to follow.  I purchased the bunny print cotton fabric from Spotlight.  This light cotton tunic is perfect for autumn as you can layer a long sleeve shirt underneath to keep little chests warm to ward of runny noses. 
Amber Necklace   
I purchased the Baltic Amber Necklace from our local health food store.  Little flutter-by had a different one when she started teething, however, she has outgrown it.  I have found that she is not as aggravated when teething, there is less drooling and she hardly has a runny nose.  So for all those reasons and especially to help keep me saner throughout the day, I think it’s worth paying the money.   We take it off during rest time and bed time. 
Little Helpers...Hanging out the Washing


little helpers

my peg basket!

Outside Play Time

This weekend we were invited to a birthday barbeque.  I made…
  • a noodle salad from: ‘Jamie’s 30-minute meals’  page 110 – 113.
  • potato bake from:
  • sticky toffee date pudding from:  ‘donna hay modern classics book 2’ page 134 – 135.
  • chocolate cake from: ‘Women’s Weekly Cakes biscuits and slices’ page 74 – 75.
  • chocolate fudge icing from:  ‘donna hay simple essentials chocolate’ page 15.
I adjusted some of the recipes according to how many people were attending the BBQ and some of the ingredients. 

Baking this morning
This morning we baked sweet apple and cinnamon muffins from ‘We Love Food’ by Kirsty Manning-Wilcox and Peta Heine page 27. I baked them using mini muffin trays that are the perfect portion size for little tummies.  They were delicious!

Over the next few days I will post the recipes on my blog to share.  For now, I am ready to put my feet up.  Have a happy weekend!

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  1. You are one busy mama, how do you find the time and energy?



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