Thursday, 10 January 2013

some changes on the horizon..

I'm not sure you know but I've been thinking about you a lot lately.  I've been wondering how 2013 will turn out for us and how I can work, be a mum, wife and blog.  Nevertheless, I am determined to EMBRACE the challenges and try not to stress in the process (ha, ha). 

In 2012 I jumped into the blogging sphere (with little research and or know how) I might add, and since then I have had a steady following.  It's because of you I braved taking my first e-course at the end of last year (photo-meditations).  I enjoyed it soooo much that I am currently participating in another e-course, 'blogging-from-the-heart' so you might see some changes around here in both design and in the written/typed form.  Some changes will be subtle and you may not notice a thing but some areas e.g. my banner will be changing. 

In regards to changes to my blog space/design, this has simply coincided while doing the online course.  I've been gradually working on these 'improvements' myself so it's taking a bit of research, trial and error and or trial and disaster in some cases, loads of patience and finger crossing that all the techno stuff works. 

On a temperature update...its been yet another hot, humid day.  I didn't check the temperature of the kitchen because I spent most of the morning cleaning out our fridge and freezer as it broke down.  I guess it was even too hot for the fridge! 

Thanks for your patience and I will see you soon.

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