Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Museum Adventure

The little and the big enjoyed a relaxing day at the Queensland Museum, walking, talking and exploring.  Just getting to our destination was an adventure.  I took all photos in this post on my Sony digital point and shoot, oh so handy. 
(This is not a sponsored post)

First stop was the cafe, of course, then straight to the current exhibit 'Explore-a-saurus'. 

Discovering dinosaur bones in the sandpit was also very popular and a good excuse to take your shoes off and just play for a while. 

We also enjoyed exploring other exhibits and we even discovered some close family connections on display!

There was time for a few more shots before heading to my parents place for a special catch up with visiting family, including my uncle (above) and a feast!

Such a great day.

See you back here tomorrow. xo.

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  1. what a good time the kidlings had. 'C xo



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