Tuesday, 15 January 2013

a busy few days...

Weekly rituals...
Just hanging out at home and at the shops.  Even thought it's still hot one must wear a beanie just in case it might get cold. 

Shopping in 40 degree heat!...
Our main aim here was to buy a bike for his birthday.  We went to a couple of different bike shops but settled on the one pictured bottom right corner from Ashgrove Cycles.  Of course I managed to get some window browsing in of a different kind while we were kid free. 

A birthday celebration...
We also celebrated my Mum's birthday with dinner and cake.  Note: number of candles to are not representative of age!

Home for more birthday celebrations - bake and decorate with as much chocolate as you can.



Happy Birthday! This time you are actually 43.  I bought these candles last year thinking he was 43 then (Opps).
Oh yes, see in the back left of the photograph above - our old fish tank sprung a major leak.  Since the little people enjoy looking at fish so much we upgraded to a 3ft, 18 month old tank found on GumTree for sale with the works - including some fish!   
What are you up to this week?
Do you have any special birthday celebrations coming up?
Have a lovely day xo.

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