Wednesday, 16 January 2013

a day of firsts...

A milestone was reached today, another first, a moment to capture and hold in my heart…the first day of Daycare for 2013. 

Today was…

The first day at Daycare for baby flutterbug.  This little guy adjusted far too quickly for his mama’s liking but that’s a good thing right? There were no tears, well not from him J.  A milestone for a little man who is showing me that he is more than ready to explore and embrace the wider world (in this case, the Nursery room). 

The first day for little Miss flutterby in a new room (Pre-Kindy); my how time flies.  She was a little hesitant but as soon as she spotted the cooking corner - the fry pans, the oven, the cooking utensils, everything was right with the world. 

The first day for Master flutterbug in a new room (Kindy).  I have no words for how amazing it is to see him grow from my tiny premie baby into the boy he is becoming.  

The first day I worked from home without my little flutterbies and the presence of our precious pet to keep me company.  It was way to still and way to silent.

The first day I dived into our pool that I had all to myself. 

The first day I lay in the sun and knew it was wishful thinking that I could get a tan (this being the only spare 10 minutes) and one week out from returning to work. 

The first day I really stared at the clouds above and wondered … ‘How was their first day is going?’

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