Wednesday, 28 November 2012

baby love...

Not so long ago I signed up to do a self paced e-course on photography.  It's the first time I've paid money to do an e-course, so even after all the research and the 'will I?', 'should I?' there's always that voice in your head...'I hope it's worth it'.  Well I am so glad I signed up and I hope that explains some random 'about the house' shots you may be see in my posts.  It's all to do with some photography basics... otherwise known as 'homework'. 

It's also been quite easy to justify to the other half.  'Oh I can use this for work,' 'thank you for my early Christmas present'... Welllll, he doesn't know it yet but he's actually bought me two things the other one is a secret that I will share with you when it arrives.   

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