Thursday, 16 August 2012

table talk

Many, many years ago before we were married (Ahem), we moved in together and like most couples who move in together for the first time, we possessed little furniture.  Our smallish flat, gratefully provided to us through work, was our first place together.  We made do with the furniture we had.  We literally had a round dining table and two beds.  Thankfully, good friends felt sorry for us and loaned us some of their furniture so we had a couch to sit on.  We ‘loaned’ their furniture for 3 years! Yes, they are very good friends.  Anyway, a marriage and three more house moves later we purchased our own home and a desire to buy a dining table.  Well we bought the one we wanted a beautiful 9 piece set and spent ‘000’s, yes, I had dreams of entertaining but with a busy work life we really only used it at Christmas time when family came over.  Some years later, two toddlers and a baby arrived, and now I cringe every time those little hands rub on my nice suede chairs.   

While I love this table it currently resides in a separate room because it is so big.  Believe me we do use this table a lot but funnily enough not at meal times when it’s just us.  At meal times it is quite overwhelming to sit at because it’s often just me and two little ones.  We’ve often ended up eating around a kids table, perfect for them but a bit squishy for me. 
Recently I have found myself staring outside at our old round table that sits on our patio.  Yes, this old girl came with us on our journey through the outback and now here.  Sadly she has been exposed to the elements and she desperately needs some love and attention.  Today, with the help of another good friend, I moved the table inside.  It’s not exactly how I imagined, for now I have to cover the top with a table cloth, stare at ugly green paint and I have to use our ‘good’ chairs which don’t really suit, but, she is the perfect size, not too big and not too small.

As we gather around her once again this time there will be some new little voices and sticky fingers to contend with, but for now I don’t think she’ll mind and yes… I have plans for this old girl.


  1. I can't wait to see you plans come to fruition. Maybe the flutterbys can help you repaint, however, we want to be there to see this. have a good day. 'C ox

  2. Tired and overworked mama17 August 2012 at 18:24

    Lovely story Fluffy Mama... I particularly like the home made table clothes. (In fact I am jealous)... Tired and overworked Mama



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