Tuesday, 7 August 2012

the kindness of a stranger

A sick mama, a crying unwell baby and two unhappy toddlers with runny noses....we must have looked a sight lining up at the check-out this morning grasping essential cold and flu supplies. However, it never ceases to amaze me the small kind act someone can do for another.  A stranger in line offered for me to go ahead of him.  I politely declined but he insisted and he even wheeled my pram for me and picked up the bottle of lemonade that escaped my basket at the same time.  So even though I feel quite ordinary today, I just have to think back to this mornings encounter and the kindness of a stranger. 

Thank you kind man at Coles, you made my day. 

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  1. Hi Michelle, I love reading your blog and see the photos of your beautiful babies. I was wondering how I sign up to receive this as an email? I can' t seem to find anywhere on the blog to subscribe.
    Jodie (Hartman)



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