Wednesday, 17 June 2015

organic vine ripe tomatoes

This week seems to be a week about our garden.  I thought I would treat you to some more images of our small garden project.  A couple of months ago we bought three plastic garden containers from the Reject shop for $15 each.

Everyone enjoyed having their own small garden project.  We planted strawberries in the front and vine tomato seedlings behind. We had no idea that these tomato plants would love the soil mixture we used and the position of the containers. Our small scale garden project went from this.... this!

The plants grew so big they scaled the side of the house and grew right up to the roof.  The strawberries are in there somewhere.  We did use stakes initially support the plants but after a while the vine just took over.  There is a fair bit of investigating that goes on to uncover these little juicy red jewels.

A handful of these little gems every couple of days is an easy school lunch box treat.What have you been growing in your garden lately?  


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