Tuesday, 21 August 2012

bargin buys...

Yesterday’s errands were essential in preparation for the next few weeks.  We have some special days coming up; birthday’s for family and friends and let’s not forget father’s day.  Shopping for clothes wasn’t on the to-do list but I couldn’t resist picking up a few bargins and if you are anything like me you probably love a good bargin too.  Yesterday I found a few good bargins, some items were $10 and under and some were $5 or less!!
Just in case you were wondering this is not a sponsored post.
The trouble with being the third in line is that you inherit hand-me-downs from your siblings.  Now there’s nothing wrong with hand-me-downs but sometimes it’s nice to have some new threads of your very own.  I bought these items in larger sizes to allow for plenty of room for growing and they will see baby flutterbug through the cooler days of Spring. 

Photo 1: trade secret : 2 full body cotton jumpsuits $10 a piece, long sleeve baby suit and pants set ($10) and a long sleeve super cute elephant shirt for a fiver!
Photo 2: target: long sleeve and long pants, two piece set under $12.
Photo 3: target: long sleeve and long pants,2 piece set under $5!
Of course I couldn't resist a bargin for myself.  Well not at these prices anyway.

Photo 1: tempt: orange stripe top under $10; blue and green V neck tee under $5 each!

Photo 2: trade secret: esprit top (Ahem...) under $30 (original price was $50; still a bargin I guess) and navy striped top was $10 on tag.  I went through the check out and it was only $5!!

Photo 3: close up of esprit button on top.

Below are some party decorations for little miss flutterby who's turning 2.

Photo 1: 99c store: tissue paper for birthday decorations that I am yet to make...more on this later.

Photo 2: spotlight: princess party decorations; she requested a princess party.  I am not sure where she got this idea from since we don't really have any princess things in this house or watch any princessy shows but she was quite definite about what she wanted.

Photo 3: spotlight: 2 cake tins and cake decorations...more on this later.  Miss flutterby wants ....'a princess castle cake please mummy.' Where do these ideas come from? Oh my this little one is growing up too fast. 

And, lastly, some yarn from spotlight to finish off some projects and start a new one hopefully.

until tomorrow...

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