Saturday, 21 September 2013


As you know I take lots of photos but like many other busy mamas out there, my photos just sit on my computer - some never get published or printed.  A few weeks ago I bought a Project Life kit from Spotlight and since it's also the start of the school holidays here this mama needed some creative time for herself. 
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I purchased the Blush Edition and a set of plastic sleeves but I didn't buy the binder.  I thought I might be able to source a cheaper binder elsewhere, however, I think the holes in the plastic sleeves might be custom designed, like the binder.  You have to forgive me I am a newbie at this. 
I've decided I am in no rush to get the binder, I just want to enjoy the process of organising some of our photos and doing some simple journaling.
At this stage I have only printed our photos on office paper (not photo paper), hence the quality of the photos.  If I am happy with the photos and layout I might consider saving our printer ink and go to a photo booth to print on better quality paper. 
If 616 cards in the kit aren't enough, you can always source other paper/card from magazines at home.

The kit contains large journaling cards, bi-fold journaling cards (when you have more to write), suggested cards for the first and last plastic sleeves and 4x6 title cards which are just so sweet.  I also discovered if you search the internet there are many 'project lifer's' that publish their own card designs for you to download and print for free. 

This style of scrapbooking is just perfect for busy mamas who enjoy capturing everyday moments and journaling about them without the fuss of embellishments, cutting and pasting.  The plastic pockets are great to keep little fingers from smudging your photos.  The cards are interchangeable so you can change your mind without the whole glue and commitment thing (I find that difficult).  You could still include embellishments if you want and use your scrapbooking/stamping supplies and insert little mementos of your life together...Oh the possibilities. 

You can find out more about Project Life here

What do you do with all your precious photos?

happy weekending

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