Tuesday, 10 September 2013

in my garden

Now that spring is here there's an urgency to spend more time in the garden and I have quite a few plans for different areas of our yard / garden that desperately need a bit more love and attention.  First is our passionfruit vine.  Our passionfruit vine is a few years old that sprouted from our compost.  The weight of the dead vines were pulling on the wire support causing it to sag and it was becoming quite unattractive.  As you can see this vine is well overdue for a prune.  

The position of the vine in our yard is perfect because it disguises our water tanks, however, after pruning we could tighten the wire and the whole area looks much better.  
Second, the vegie garden.  This year I have decided to plant more flowers amongst our vegies and I am looking forward to including them as part of the table setting or in salads.  
I've added some more organic soil, fertiliser and a layer of organic sugar cane mulch to give these babes a boost. 
I picked up the wooden stakes (above) as temporary support for the cherry tomato plant from the Reject shop (6 stakes for 2).  I planted some more lettuce, spinach, herbs, baby carrots and baby beetroot.  There is more work to do in this vegie garden but I am pleased to have this much completed for now. 

What are your plans for your vegie garden this spring?



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  1. I can't wait to get rid of all the old winter crop and begin the spring crop. At the moment I am preparing to feed the soil and worms before planting new vegies.



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