Sunday, 1 September 2013


You know how there are some days when everything is just as it should be and you think, yes, the stars are aligned? Well yesterday we were busy preparing for miss flutterby's third birthday party (her actual birthday is tomorrow), when all of a sudden I received an urgent phone call to come home and ended up talking to the man on the other end of a triple zero phone call.  Then someone ended up here.

Then I found myself baking at midnight to make the cake for the birthday party.  Baby flutterbug also decided to wake at 12am and was happy to stay awake for another two hours before I made it back to my bed. An early morning of the actual party meant I was doing this (below) before family arrived - as you know me this is not my idea of organised.   

Then there was a quick trip back to the hospital to pick up the patient - with some very happy little ones to see their Daddy on Father's Day.  Lucky he was able to come home or there would have been tears from these little ones to fill an ocean.   

When we were finally able to come home there was time to open presents and remember that this little one is turning 3!

Of course unwrapping presents is super serious stuff.

I managed to finish the cake but not without much help and encouragement from family helping particularly from my mum.  Given what went on the last 12 hours and being so sleep deprived I had to take a short cut and stick a figurine on top and make an improvised tutu to match the 'dora ballet' theme. 

There are actually three candles on the cake but from this angle the candle is hidden.
I am just glad the cake was edible and it went so well with a good strong coffee. 

After a hospital trip, midnight baking and early morning assembly of a rainbow cake, presents, coffee, cake, cooking lunch etc. I am just glad that everyone is okay and it was a happy day. 

There's so much more I wanted to share about father's day and the third birthday (party planning, decorations, cake, web links), but that might just have to wait for another time as I need to get to bed.
Here's wishing you a good start to the week.

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