Friday, 5 October 2012

happy holidays...(3)

Australia Zoo part 2
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How did we manage with two toddlers and a baby you may ask?
Well we invited a very good friend of ours to come along because we love her and we wanted to share this special day with her but it also meant we had an extra pair of hands and that really helped; thank you 'CTL'.  We took the pram for baby flutterbug and the stroller so the little people could take turns in the stroller throughout the day. 

Notes for all the mummies out there...
  • There were different modes of transport that you could use  to make it easy to get around (some free and some you can hire), however, we chose to walk to each exhibit. 
  • There was plenty of space at the viewing platforms to enjoy watching the animals. 
  • Remember to take snacks for kids, hats, sunscreen and sunnies for kids, water bottles, wet wipes and camera. 
  • It was super clean and tidy throughout the zoo including amenities. 
  • Wear comfortable shoes for walking e.g. sneakers/joggers. 

We had an amazing time at Australia Zoo.  

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