Monday, 8 October 2012

from the weekend

We had an early birthday celebration over the weekend for our little man.  This little fluterbug wanted a Spiderman party...because 'I'm a big boy now mummy, I'm four'. Of course there was the usual mad pre-party preparations as well as baking, decorating and wrapping presents until late at night.  Each year I try to be more organised yet last minute preparations always mean staying up late but it was worth all the effort.  His acutal birthday is this Friday so I will do a special post then. 

yes..i made the cake so don't look too close
To 5 tips to surviving a four year old's party...
  • mix home-made treats with store bought food; hot and cold, savoury and sweet
  • find recipes you can make prior to little people and adults arriving
  • go to discount stores for colour themed party decorations and things for 'loot' bags
  • get husband and kids to blow up balloons and decorate
  • above all else, keep it simple and enjoy spending time with family and friends


  1. Thanks for nice post

    birthday party theme

  2. CTL wants you to make a birthday cake. Special request is that it needs to be pink with sprinkles, something very girly!!!



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