Wednesday, 3 October 2012

happy holidays...(1)

on the way to holiday destination; back burning made some views hazy

landscape changes; beautiful rolling hills; still some haze from smoke

dropped into a friends place for moring tea and a garden tour

stretching our little arms and legs before we get back in the car again; trying on friends hat; yes that is left over morning tea on our nice clean shirt!

the little people couldn't wait to see the beach
relaxing in the cool shade of a tree

enjoying some quiet time with my mummy while my brother and sister explore the beach

sleepy baby flutterbug

relaxing inside

imaginary play

just being a boy

time to fish; time to dig

seafood; gathering for a celebration with friends

happy times

fresh aussie prawns and oysters

escaping with a good book

It’s becoming a bit of a tradition; this holiday by the river and near the sea.  We spend these quiet days with my beautiful girlfriends whom I have known since high school, their husbands and children; six adults and nine kids in total!  We stay at the same venue but in our own apartments.  We spend time together yet we also do our own thing; we meet up to talk, laugh, picnic, play, shop, swim and eat.  We share stories old and new.  This time together is so precious. 

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