Saturday, 18 January 2014

Cairns Holiday (Pt 4)

As you know, I love butterflies! So the day before we left Cairns we just had to take a trip to Kuranda to visit the Butterfly Sanctuary and Kuranda markets. 
 Above: walk amongst the butterflies
Above: getting in behind the scenes in the lab, using equipment and examining the images - very interesting
 Above: Cairns Birdwing (Ornithoptera priamus euphorion)
 Above: Ulysses
This dazzling butterfly is widely recognised as North Queensland's unofficial emblem.  This butterfly an erratic flyer and it has one of the shortest lifespan of any butterfly, living a mere two weeks (information card).  I took many shots to try and get a good photo for you. 
 Above: lucky landing
 Above: The Cruiser (Vindula arsine)
Above: Orange Lacewing (Cethosia penthesilea)
This little cutie landed on my sister's phone while she was taking a photo of another butterfly on her toe!

Above. An extensive display (this was only one) of butterflies from Australia and around the world.
The Butterfly Sanctuary at Kuranda was beautiful.  I purchased a few things from the gift shop but namely a couple of butterfly identification posters hence my good captioning above:-).  After visiting the Butterfly Sanctuary we browsed the markets and had some lunch.  
Below. Browsing Kuranda streets and markets.  Enjoying lunch with family.  Baby flutterbug love sharing lunch with nana and grandad. 
Below: The following day.  Back in Brisbane Airport one week's holiday; Long Term Parking ($$).   Trying to look sweet and innocent but someone here is guilty (Ahem...the one in the middle) of leaving the car light on.  Here we are waiting for RACQ.  Yes, a $200 bill for a new car battery!
Despite the sweltering heat we had a lovely time in Cairns.  We enjoyed catching up with our family, meeting the newest member, baby Alexander and exploring Cairns and its surrounds.  


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