Monday, 13 January 2014

52 Weeks of Grateful...Cairns Holiday (Pt 1)

Before leaving for Cairns we took advantage of the post Boxing Day sales. We browsed Ikea and Freedom in search of a new kitchen/diner table.

- all photos above: ikea -  
- all photos above: Freedom -
We are still looking and deciding on what to purchase. 
The next day we took a two hour flight from Brisbane to Cairns.  No words can describe the excitement on these little faces when we finally arrived at our destination.     
While waiting to check in to our accommodation we explored Holloway's Beach.  
- beautiful Holloway's Beach -
On Saturday we visited Rusty's a well known and popular fruit and vegie market.   
- Rusty's -
In the afternoon the relatives converged at my cousin's unit to meet the newest member of our family, Alexander (9 lb 2 oz).  With so many cousins, aunties, uncles, nanas and grandads it I was lucky to get a nurse. 
Does this little guy know how much he's loved already and by so many?
After an early morning swim at the resort pools on Sunday we spent a beautiful day exploring Muddy's and the Esplanade.  The play equipment was utilised at Muddy's and we checked out the swimming lagoon at the Esplanade. 
- Muddy' extra child in photo.  4 kids suits him don't you think! Seriously I am joking -

  - Esplanade -
After lunch the hot weather beckoned us to try some ice-cream which had to be devoured quickly as it melted down the sides of the cone (due to the extremely hot weather) - messy, but so delicious!

See you back here tomorrow to share a birthday celebration. 

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