Wednesday, 12 December 2012


Well we know why this time of year is called the 'silly season'.  My list of things to do is getting longer not shorter.  Nevertheless, it's always nice to steal a few moments of solitude amongst the chaos even if it is until midnight.  This year I decided to make our own advent calendar.  This is such a good activity that everyone can be involved in and heaps of ideas can be found on the internet.  Here is my simple home-made version.  I just have to find a spot on the wall and fill the envelopes with some goodies or tags that reveal a surprise/activity.  

Something sweet for Christmas…
Advent Calendar

For this project I raided my craft box.  Some of the items above are very (very) old and some are new. 

  1. Paper - Amy tangerine (6x6) a recent purchase from 'Spotlight'.
  2. Wooden pegs - small packet from discount store 'Waynes World'.
  3. Scissors with edging - discount store 'Waynes World'.
  4. Tags, string and envelopes (seed packets) - from local newsagent.
  5. Wooden stamps - (featured above) scavenged through discount bins at craft shows many years ago.
  6. Other wooden block stamps (featured on advent envelopes) are mostly from 'Stampin up' my friend is a demonstrator. These stamps are quite a few years old now. 
  7. Sparkle emblishments - from discount store 'Crazy Prices'.
  8. Paper with typography on it - from packet that bought tags, string and envelopes in from newsagent.
  9. flower press cutter - from discount store 'Crazy Prices'.
  10. Typography rub ons - from discount store 'Crazy Prices'.
  11. Date stamp - I have had this for many years but I think I just picked it up from a newsagent.
I bought Amy Tangerine 6x6 paper stack, the seed envelopes, string, tags and pegs recently.  The other items I have had for many, many years.  I always wash/clean my wooden stamp blocks after use and dry them thoroughly before packing away. 

For a project like this you don't need to spend a fortune.  There really is a lot to be said about searching in discount stores and just use materials you have around your home; pens, pencils, printables/templates from the internet, magazines, photos, stencils, crayons, glitter, stamps, stickers, paints, watercolours, leaves, sticks, gumnuts, post it notes etc. 

Keep it simple and enjoy the process.

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