Wednesday, 5 December 2012


Please forgive my absence from our space in blog world. Little miss flutterby has been struck for the second time with that nasty bug we all experienced the other week.  Despite some tears, she really is a little trooper.  So sometimes even the best plans have to be put on hold because there is nothing more important than just being with the one's you love or for them to be with you.  A gentle cuddle or hug is a true gift for those you hold dear to your heart.  Somehow the day or hour doesn't seem so bad after all. 

Hmmmm, 'heart'... now there is a symbol I have been noticing a lot lately.  In my photo assignment I was asked to keep an eye out for this motif/symbol and ever since then I have seen so many hearts come by my way (see previous post), or maybe they have always been in front of me the whole time and I just needed to pay attention, it truely is amazing.

On a very rare outing tonight with colleagues from work...look at what was gently placed in front of me.

just in time shot: taken on camera phone

love, hugs and happy heart searching to you

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