Sunday, 2 September 2012

weekending special days...

Happy Birthday Miss Charlie xo
home-made pre-party decorations
late night cake baking

early morning cake decorating

the princess castle cake!

in her party dress passed on from a friend; hair specially done by 'b'

with her favourite aunty

This is what I've been the last few days...preparing for a special birthday celebration.

Yesterday we gathered for afternoon tea with family and a few friends to celebrate little miss flutterby's 2nd birthday.  Her birthday is really today but as its father's day today we spread out the celebrations.  By the time we blew out the candles there was a change of clothes as it was pretty cold outside.  The boys loved helping little miss flutterby unwrap all her presents.  For some reason I didn't take a lot of photos; I found myself just stepping back, watching her and enjoying the moment remembering when I first held her to now.  She is growing so quickly right before my eyes... now a little girl.  Oh how lucky we are. 

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