Thursday, 6 September 2012


Lately my head has been stuck in this lovely book that arrived in the post the other day.

One recommendation is to sort and organise your scraps. Initially this seemed like a daunting task to me. 

But I decided this was as good a time as out came my scraps.  I discovered I had more 'stash' fabric then scrap fabric.  My taste in colour, shades, tones and type of fabric has change over the years as you can tell by the range of fabric above.

 I really enjoyed sorting through fabric that I liked many years ago. 
It reminded me of life in the country and when I first learnt to make quilts.
Once reserved for forgotton projects in the past, Sunday Morning Quilts inspired me to think of new possibilities. 

At this stage, rather than sorting fabric according to colour, I decided to sort according to style/type and 'value'.  I used a Value Finder kindly given to me by my beautiful girlfriend who is far more experienced at quilting than me. 

This is close to the end result (above).  I had a few more piles to sort and I labelled the bags according to their value.  Of course this was only the first box!  Amongst this fabric was brights etc that I have decided to leave and sort for another time. Upon rediscovering what I had hidden away my mind started to think of ohh... all the possibilties.

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