Monday, 10 September 2012

home made...mixing it up

basic banana bread baked in little cake tray

remaining mixture of basic banana bread baked in small loaf tin with the addition of some seeds and nuts on top

home-made granola/muesli - initial stage of mixing
 I love baking from 'scratch' and when the opportunity arises that's where you'll find me, in the kitchen. 

Yesterday I made a basic banana bread.  I used a mini cake tray to make some cute individual portions suitable for both little and big people (of course).  There was also plenty of mixture left over to fill a small loaf tin.  To mix it up I sprinkled nuts and seeds on top.  Not too many seeds because my husband says... 'birds eat seeds' :-)

In the early hours this morning (before the sleeping babes woke), I combined two new recipes to make some home-made granola/muesli.  It's perfect as a topping on yoghurt (that is if you like a bit of crunch with your yoghurt).   It's full of yummy goodness, it is so good that I put some in a bottle for a friend and delivered it to her this morning while doing errands.

I will work on getting these recipes up on the blog to share in the next few days.

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