Tuesday, 8 May 2012


Sometimes the weather just beckons you outside and today was no exception.  Patio tidying is underway and some neglected pots and plants were desperately in need of attention. 

  • slow release fertiliser
  • water - from our tank
  • mulch - grass clippings from our lawn
  • washed pebbles - sitting in a pile in a container
  1. Clear away cobwebs, dirt and dust from space. 
  2. Collect spare pots and or containers that can be recycled/reused, scrub, rinse and store neatly away. 
  3. Trim dead leaves.
  4. Add slow release fertiliser, water, mulch or use pebbles around plant.  Take care to include a little love, care and attention as you go. 
  5. Place proudly in new space.
 Yes... I think there will be some more pottering soon. 

1 comment:

  1. It is looking good. Wonder which pots you will try next? Pottering in this weather is beautiful especially with such good little helpers. 'C xo



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