Monday, 21 May 2012

follow up...

I really enjoyed making this cute dress (below) over the weekend for my little flutterby.  I collected the published pattern from Australian Homespun ‘The Oh So Fresh Issue’ No.81 Vol 11 No. 2. 
The pattern is by Wynona Leach and Anna Dinh of Ivy Designs.  This is a great dress for any season with or without lining and depending on the type of fabric you select.  For time sake I didn’t worry about including the applique and embroidery design.  This pattern is simple to follow and you could add anything you like or leave it plain.
The navy fabric and lining I used was from Spotlight.  It is a heavier fabric to add extra warmth and comfort for the cooler weather.  The buttons were just raided from my button jar. 

I am attempting to make another dress just to make sure the first one wasn’t a lucky attempt.  I am planning to add a pocket on the front (green / contrasting fabric).  The pink and green floral homespun fabric I am using for my second attempt was from a local patchwork store as is the white cotton lining fabric.  All fabric is left over from other projects. 

Also over the weekend…
Given there is a little more time to enjoy being in the kitchen, I decided to brave a new world and attempt to make our own pizza dough.  My husband was so confident that he had our takeaway pizza number on standby.  To my surprise the pizza dough worked!  From the dough quantity we made two large size pizzas and some little ones (using a scone cutter) that our toddlers wanted to make.  For two adults and two toddlers, there was plenty of left over pizza for the next day!

The barbecued pizzas recipe is from ‘We Love Food’ by Kirsty Manning-Wilcox and Peta Heine page 101.  The recipe suggests placing the pizza on a pizza stone and place in a barbecue or oven.  We just used a regular pizza tray and the oven, but I am thinking a pizza stone would be a good present for the one who had no faith in the mama who made her first batch of pizza dough.  The best part of was that the whole family became involved in making the pizza from dough making; observing the rising process; rolling the dough; selecting the toppings; cutting out mini bases etc. Delicious!

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  1. I cannot believe there was no faith...fresh pizza base is always the most delicious. 'Cxo



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