Thursday, 9 July 2015

10 tips for visiting zoos with kids in Australia

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Before you leave...

 1. Look up the zoo website for a map of the area so you know what to expect.  Some zoos are large and spread out.  Some zoos also have shuttle buses and or trains but many in many zoos you have to walk.  This can be a long way for little ones so decide if you are going to use a pram or stroller.  Some zoos let you hire strollers or bicycles for a fee so it is worthwhile checking the website. 

2. Travel light.  Take essential items only.  Try to be as hands free as possible.  A light back pack or a bag to cross over your shoulder is handy.  Also, some zoos have lockers you can hire for the day but you will have to check their website. 

3. Check the weather.  In Australia, you should always wear a hat, sunscreen and can check your local weather app.  We always carry a small bottle of 30+ sunscreen in our carry bag/backback.   You can never underestimate the harshness of the Australian sun -  even on overcast days. 

During the visit...

4.  Buy the animal food.  They usually sell animal food (e.g. dry pellets) at the entrance gate.  Zoos usually charge a few dollars but it is worth the extra cost because the kids will feeding the animals.  A small hand sanitiser is always good to have in your bag. 
5. Take a map of the zoo and take note of the sessions times.  Plan your route to save time  finding your way around the zoo.  It is also worthwhile to locate the toilets. 
6. Take your mobile device - need I say more. 

 7. Drink plenty of water.  Keeping well hydrated is very important while doing all that walking. 

8. Remember to take a break and have something to eat. 

9. Enjoy the animals.

10. Supervise your kids feeding the animals.  Some zoos have keepers supervising and some do not. 

After the zoo visit...

Have a rest.  Your job is done!

Thanks Darling Downs Zoo for a great day!

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