Thursday, 11 June 2015

hello friends

It has almost been a year since we lost our beautiful friend, Cobie.  It only seems like yesterday that she embraced my little ones tightly and blessed us with her beautiful smile.  For seven years our friendship blossomed and our lives became intertwined - she became an integral part of our family.  While this past year has been difficult beyond words, somehow the blurry momentum of life forces us into our daily routines.  While we have experienced many new firsts like our first soccer game and our first ballet eisteddfod, it's just not the same without her and everyone, particularly the littlest people who meant the most to her, feel it too.   Somehow, somehow we have to find the courage to keep going.

I have not forgotten you and your kind messages of friendship and support has been so encouraging and uplifting.  Thank you so much. 


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