Saturday, 1 June 2013

Hello June...

In a few short weeks I am looking forward to lying in bed a little longer and savouring that moment of silence just before I am about to sip my hot cup of coffee.   Yes, soon the school holidays will be here.  However, for now, I am resisting that overwhelming feeling of what is ahead of me in order to actually make it to the holidays.  Like many educators out there lead up to the end of the term is mentally, emotionally and physically draining.  Very late nights, very early mornings, planning, preparing, teaching, marking, cross-marking, moderating, meetings; reporting, filing and planning for next term… the list goes on.  Oh, how I am looking forward to the holidays.  So this month my focus is to survive; to breathe and survive - to savour the little moments and find joy in the simple everyday things. 

5 things to do in June…
-   read a good book
-   nourish your digestive fire with some one-pot slow cook meals
-   go on a picnic with family and friends
-   learn to knit
-   compost your food scraps

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