Sunday, 26 May 2013

weekending: the first birthday party continues...

Well, sometimes the stars just don't align and gathering everyone for baby flutterbug's first birthday didn't really go to plan.  But that's okay we made do...for the second time.  Another party doesn't bother these littlies because it just means more cake for them!  Of course, all this baking and eating requires you to be dressed in your best party outfits (Ahemm), jerseys from our local football club.  (P.S. they don't play football). 

Aim: to bake some cupcakes for morning tea birthday celebration  

Method: Get as much icing everywhere; followed by eating decorations; followed by spreading hundreds and thousands and mini m&m's all over the kitchen floor (yes...good fun).
Note: Always pack as many sweet treats as you can onto each cupcake.  Decorating cupcakes for your little brother also helps you to forget about the nasty bump on your head.

Result: Gluten Free Vanilla Cupcakes... with a massive load of sugary treats on top!
 Wishing you very, very sweet dreams tonight. 

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