Thursday, 2 May 2013


In May we are focussed on boosting our immunity and celebrating some special days.  Apart from making time to rest a priority, in my ‘downtime’ you can usually find me with my head stuck in a cookbook searching, collecting and rewriting recipes for soups, slow cooked meals and warm salads.  In May I enjoy spending time in the kitchen preparing meals and making a little extra to freeze for a snack or meal.  There are also two special days to celebrate; Mother’s day and baby flutterbug is one!  I can’t believe how time passes by so quickly. 

5 things to do in May…
-   share a Happy Mother’s day
-   visit your local farmer’s market
-   boost your immunity and make nourishing soups 
-   enjoy birthday celebrations with your loved ones
-   bake something sweet

I look forward to sharing our May days with you. 

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