Saturday, 23 March 2013

Weekending...time to catch up

Well it's been a busy month and there's only a few more days to before April arrives!  I have to admit working part time and looking after our three little kids means I am one busy mama.  We've had a lot on our minds lately hence another reason for not blogging so much. 
This month we've been face timing our beautiful friend, Cobie, who is returning home from Germany soon.  For 5 years Cobie has been fighiting Osteosarcoma, a form of childhood cancer.  On March 14, the local community declared it was 'Wear pink for Cobie' day.  The entire town dressed in pink to support her and raise some funds to help Cobie receive potentially life saving treatment in Germany.  You would recognise Cobie from my blog as we are friends and I often refer to her as 'B'.  When Master flutterbug was little he couldn't say Cobie but said 'B' instead. We so look forward to seeing her soon and I hope she is prepared for a massive amount of hugs and kisses from three of her biggest fans.

Last weekend our Relay for Life team coordinated a social bowls fundraiser.  Many people from the local community joined together for a fun afternoon. 
Of course we've had time to stop at the park and cafe for some morning tea and an opportunity to enjoy the sunshine. 

There's also been a little bit of crafting going on - only crayons and paper but that's a past time we never get tired of.  In the spirit of the new season, I also completed a collage for my classroom.   

Finally, happy 10 months to our little man today (above). My Oh My he is getting so big.  Those cheeks are so kissable!

Happy Weekending to you.

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