Thursday, 7 March 2013

Up to mischief...

Hello, I hope you are having a lovely week so far.  My original blog post will be delayed because you may enjoy this one a whole lot more. 

As you may have realised from some of my blog photos we bought an ipad and iphones for Christmas. 
It's probably nothing new for anyone who already uses this type of technology but it's all new to me.  One word - amazing. 
There are so many neat things you can do.  One thing I like is when you take photos on your phone or ipad and it automatically syncs with your computer/laptop.  
The kids also like using the ipad even though we have only two apps on there for them.  We also have pretty strict rules when it comes to the little people using the ipad e.g. you have to ask to use the ipad, no eating while using the ipad, you must sit down when using the ipad, no walking around with the ipad, - so much for rules - just look at what I discovered on my laptop via ipad.

There were one billion face shots and agazillion Peppa Pig TV shots.  I think the last image of sandwiches and strawberries was thoughtfully constructed by little miss flutterby - she loves playschool, sandwiches and strawberries (Play School app).  How wonderful you can get all your favourite things in one app!

It's funny to see their perspective through a camera or in this case, ipad.

It's also amazing how they know how to do things with these devices (since they can't actually read and all).  So far they have constructed drawings, saved them and sent them to our email account to print, they can facetime and let's not talk about how they seem to know how to buy apps and then actually buy them but that's another story.  Somehow I think we will have to reassess our rules.

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