Friday, 12 April 2013


In April we find our daily rhythm changes as the weather brings cool mornings, sunny days and crisp evenings.  In the month of April we take a few days to wind down from a busy school term.  After some tidying and re-organising we give in to what our bodies desperately need - extra naps and any opportunity to sleep in.  Over the Easter break our mornings are slower and we take our time to prepare breakfast and eat slowly.  In the evenings, dinner is prepared earlier so we can migrate outside and enjoy the last rays of sunshine before the crisp air settles upon us. 
5 things to do in April…
  • enjoy a holiday by the seaside
  • share some food tales, kitchen notes and recipes with your family and friends
  • attempt some crafty projects
  • work in your garden
  • catch up with your girlfriends
I look forward to sharing our April days with you.

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